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Civally Transparent Pricing

Civally Transparent Pricing

We hate surprises – and bet you do, too.
All of our pricing is on this page.
Nothing hidden, no surprises.

Services & Fees

Required Components

You do not need to sign up for anything to see our pricing. Everything is on this page.

Initial Costs

Your first year you will have the expense of the initial custom site design and the migration of your data from other existing platforms. Use the price calculator below to get a quote on your initial costs based on population and the number of years of data to migrate.

Subscription Fee

Each year, including the first, you will be billed for the entire year of service up front. This covers software updates, technical support, and training. Our annual fee is the same for all users – everyone gets all the features at a super affordable price.

Optional Services

The services listed below are optional. You can totally skip them if you do not need or want them.

Full Service

Submit your public notices, municipal events, updates, agendas, minutes, RFPs and job posts to Civally and let us take care of them.


Office/ Email

We can create and manage Zoho Mail, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace users for you. Cost varies based on plan you select.


Domain Hosting

Have a .com, .net, or .org domain hosted with us in addition to your free .gov domain. We’ll manage the transfer and DNS for you.



Civally is owned by Coughlin Printing. Please contact us for a quote on forms, flyers, stationery, bulk mailings and more. 


Transparent Price Calculator

Calculate your exact cost with no surprises.
Price Calculator

Optional Services

If you would like pricing on our optional services, please make your selections below. 

iconONE-TIME - Design & Conversion

Your initial sites design and data conversion will be a one-time expense due up front. Our team will work with you on the migration.

  • Please select the population of your town or village and the number of years of history to migrate to see this total. 

Initial Design Total
$ /one-time

iconANNUAL - Platform Subscription

The subscription includes technical support, security updates, site backups, firewall, monitoring and more. It does NOT include adding your routine content. 


Subscription Total
$ /year

iconOPTIONAL - Fully Managed Service

Submit your municipal events, updates, agendas, minutes, RFPs and Job Posts to Civally and let us take care of all the posting for you. Price is per month.


Fully Managed Total
$ /month


OPTIONAL - Email Accounts

Email accounts are billed annually at the rate listed with Microsoft or Google. A one-time setup fee is applied in the first year and 50 cents/month is added on the each user account to cover administration costs. 


Email Accounts Total
$ /year
+ $50 /setup

OPTIONAL - Managed Domains

Additional domains are billed annually and include transfer, registration and DNS services. 


Domain Costs
$ /year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see how your program works before we buy it?

While we do not offer demo accounts, we can schedule a walk-through with you. This 45-minute Zoom meeting will focus on showing you the platform and answering your specific questions. Use our contact form to request your walkthrough. 

Will I have to install special software onto my computer to use the platform?

All you need is a web browser of choice. We recommend having at least 2 browsers to choose from: Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari or Brave.

Are there any extra fees for software upgrades or security fixes?

Never. Your annual subscription includes all software upgrades and security. Additionally, when a new feature is added, everyone has access to it.

Are there other recurring fees outside of what we see on your pricing page?

All of our pricing is described on this page. There are no additional fees and no surprises. 

We are sending out an RFP for our website project. Can we send it to you?

Absolutely! You will see that the pricing is going to be identical to what you will find on this page, but we would love to enter the bidding process with you. Use our contact form and attach your RFP.

Do I need to pay extra for support?

Never. All support and training is included in the annual subscription. 

Do I pay for my domain name?

We will help you acquire a .gov domain name which is FREE for you. We will host the DNS for that domain at no additional charge. 

All other domains (.org, .net, .com. etc) may be managed by Civally. See  the “Optional Services” section.

What type of payments do you accept?

For annual payments and one-time fees, either a check, credit card or bank transfer is acceptable. For the optional monthly services a credit card or automatic bank transfer is required.