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Civally makes managing
your town or village site a breeze.

Check out the list of features below but please realize that these are just the highlights. Not seeing what you need? Contact us!

Built with small towns & villages in mind

Civally is designed by a small business nestled in a small town in the fourth smallest county in New York State. We are committed to small town America. 

Personal Training

While we have attempted to make the site as simple to use as possible, we are committed to providing you the training you need to use all our features. 

Peace of Mind

We protect your site to avoid embarrassing and costly hacking and even human error. You do not need to worry about backups, firewalls and protection – we have you covered. 

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees and no surprises. You get all the features for the price we publish on this site.  Check out our transparent pricing page and get it in writing. 

User Interface

Mega Search Tool

Our robust search feature allows you to easily find and access the information you need with links to documents, events, job postings, request for proposals, town or village contacts, and even your meeting minutes and agendas.

User Engagement

All features are designed with self-service functionality for ease of access, use, visual appeal, and responsiveness across multiple devices. Civally makes it easy for people to find information on your site.

Local Weather

Below is the actual current weather in Watertown, NY…

Mobile Friendly

Our websites and tools are mobile responsive and work on devices of all sizes to support what’s easiest for citizens and government officials.

Accessible Design

ADA / WCAG compliance standards ensure site content can be easily accessed by all citizens. Visitors of all abilities will be able to navigate and interact with your site.

Ease of Use

Update information, post job openings, upload forms, mange your meeting minutes and agendas all with a simple to use admin center. Civally makes it easy for you to manage your town or village site.


Bid Posting

Easily post bids online. Include a description, PDF files, assign open and closing dates and more. All Requests for Proposals are searchable via the Site Search.

Public Notices

Keep your residents informed about what matters most by posting public notices. Notices show up on your home page, are searchable and can be automatically emailed out to your subscribers through the Email Center.

Alert Center

Notify residents immediately through the alert center. Post an alert, and a notification appears on the home page.

Meetings Manager

Add your meetings and they appear in your calendar automatically. Attach your agendas and live stream links (like YouTube) and even attach your minutes after the meeting. It’s easy to use, plus it’s all indexed for searching as well.

Online Directory

Easily create and maintain a searchable directory of town or village contacts. You may include names, title, departments, emails, phone and even a photo.

Job Posting

Custom job posting tool allows you to post SEO friendly job listings that include minimum requirements, salary, disclaimers, and more. Choose to have applicants download your form, upload their resume or complete the online form.

Resource Manager

Upload, label and organize all of your resources in our online resource manager. Site visitors will be able to go to one page to find the tools they need.

Search Optimized

Built-in search engine optimization helps Google and Bing find your information and serve it up in their search results. You can totally control the SEO settings for every page of your site.

Public Meetings

Enable people to self-serve their public records requests by posting agendas, meeting dates and times, and the minutes online. All are searchable, including PDF attachments.

Digital Forms

Use online forms to engage with residents, streamline requests, and enable online payments [stripe account required]. Online forms can be completed on mobile or desktop. PDF forms can be downloaded.

Accessible Calendar

Custom, easy to use calendar for all your municipal events. Calendar and event views are presented in a way that makes sense to screen readers making your meetings more accessible.

Automatic Notifications

Meet state requirements by automatically sending email notices of all events, meetings, job openings and public notices to anyone who subscribes.

Email Center

Easy, quick, and secure emails help push messages to targeted constituents. Auto-send public notices, create reminders of holiday happenings and more. Residents can sign up to receive your emails.

Community Links

Make it easier for new people in town to connect with local resources like schools, hospitals, houses of worship, libraries and more by proving links to their websites.


Intrusion Prevention

Malicious actors are kept out of your site by blocking known bad IP addresses and failed login attempts.

SSL Certificate

Free wildcard SSL certificate is installed for all our sites which provides secure access to all of the pages and forms on your .gov site.

Custom User Roles

Each user can have a custom role allowing them to edit and enter content only in the areas you want them to access.


Automated server level backup and site level backups are performed daily for you. You never have to touch them.


Firewalls are installed at the server level and the site level to block malicious activity and keep your site safe from bots and DDoS attacks.


A background (regular) Antivirus program that performs regular file checks to keep your site clean.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

One of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available via any TOTP-based authenticator app or service. (included but optional)

Malware Scanning

Detection of malicious files, including backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, and many others.


Tutorials & Training

We provide personalized training and guided tutorials to get you started, help maintain and update your new website. Our team is just a call or click away if you need further guidance.

Free .gov Domain

We will help you apply for and manage your free .gov domain. Once you have it, we will host it and manage your DNS at no additional cost.

DNS Hosting

Once you have your .gov domain, we will host and manage that DNS for you as part of your subscription. If you would like us to manage registration and DNS for additional domains (.net, .com or .org) there is an additional fee. Check out the Transparent Pricing page for current rates.

Helpdesk Support

Our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way with an easy-to-use ticket and helpdesk support system that works like email.



Sites are monitored to immediately detect issues such as downtime.

We serve you so
you can serve your people.

We take care of the design, security, user experience and support – you simply plug in your information. How simple is that?