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Civally – websites for small towns & villages

What is Civally?

Civally is a website platform built with small towns and villages in mind. We understand small towns because we live in them – and we also understand the challenges of meeting state requirements, local needs and public demands, all on a tight budget and often with less staff than necessary. 

That is why we created Civally – an affordable website subscription where you can post notices, events, meeting minutes, RFPs and more with very little effort. What is even better is that your website will meet accessibility guidelines and be a treat to navigate on a mobile device. 

Working with our support team is also easy! You can submit emails to our helpdesk or get support over the phone. The team providing support is all US based and they all work on site development, so they know the software inside and out. 

How do we make things easier for you?

Below is a short list of some of the main features of the Civally platform. Head over to the Features page to see even more. 

Custom User Roles

Each user can have a custom role allowing them to edit and enter content only in the areas you want them to access.

Tutorials & Training

We provide personalized training and guided tutorials to get you started, help maintain and update your new website. Our team is just a call or click away if you need further guidance.

Mega Search Tool

Our robust search feature allows you to easily find and access the information you need with links to documents, events, job postings, request for proposals, town or village contacts, and even your meeting minutes and agendas.

Accessible Design

ADA / WCAG compliance standards ensure site content can be easily accessed by all citizens. Visitors of all abilities will be able to navigate and interact with your site.

Automatic Notifications

Meet state requirements by automatically sending email notices of all events, meetings, job openings and public notices to anyone who subscribes.

Free .gov Domain

We will help you apply for and manage your free .gov domain. Once you have it, we will host it and manage your DNS at no additional cost.

Our team will…

Design your new site
Migrate your data
Secure your .gov domain
Manage security
Train your team

You simply enter your data and the rest is taken care of.
Oh, and if you don’t want to enter data we can do that too – check out the “Full Service” option. 

Still have questions?

Do we pay Civally for updates?

While you may choose to have us update your site by signing up for our “Fully Managed” service, we would rather you put that money back into your town and update your site yourself. We provide the training you need and we’ve made it super simple for most updates. Should you ever need us to step in and update things for you for a short time you can contact us for pricing.

Is a .gov domain required?

Absolutely! The United States government has requested that all government agencies use the .gov domain to help reduce online fraud. The process is simple and we walk you through it. Best of all, this domain costs you nothing. For more details on the .gov domains visit this wiki.

If you are moving to .GOV domain from a domain, we strongly recommend that you maintain the registration for your current domain name. Allowing the name to expire would let malicious actors easily impersonate you.

Is email included?

We do NOT host email. However, we can help you get email at your .gov domain name. In other words, we can help you sign up for email that is hosted at Zoho, Microsoft, or Google. You are responsible for the monthly subscription fees for whichever plans you choose from those providers.

Are there any limits?

Not on your content: you can have as many notices, events, meetings or alerts as you want! The only real limit is that we control the template and design, but that is in your best interest.

How long does site development take?

Most sites are built out in 30-90 days, which we know sounds like a lot, but most times you will need that long to gather all of the content you want on the site and also get feedback from your people.

Who does the site design?

The Civally team will create the look of your site and make sure that it meets all accessibility guidelines. You will have input and we will need you to send us photos, files, text, etc to use during the site creation. Our liaison will work with you to manage the process.

Do you host domains?

We help you get a free .gov domain and host that for you with your annual subscription. We will manage the DNS records for your .gov domain at no additional cost. If you would like us to manage registration and DNS for additional domains (.net, .com or .org) there is an additional fee. Check out the Transparent Pricing page for current rates.

If you are moving to .GOV domain from a domain, we strongly recommend that you maintain the registration for your current domain name. Allowing the name to expire would let malicious actors easily impersonate you.

Do I need to install any software?

Civally is hosted in the cloud, so all you need is internet access and your favorite browser: Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. No software is installed.

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